Clubs Training

Do your players receive proper training?

We help your coaches so that your players receive the best training


  • The season planning based on training objectives.
  • Micro-cycle planning in grassroots.
  • Structuring of the weekly training process.
  • Types of training tasks.
  • Design of training tasks.
  • Operational strategy in football grassroots.
  • Individual training and technification in grassroots.


  • Establish a planning model by setting objectives based on the different training stages.
  • Establish a weekly structure that allows to achieve all the defined objectives and consequently the player's progression .
  • Know the different types of tasks and be able to perform a design of effective and quality tasks.
  • Promote technical creativity, self-demand and pursuit of professional growth. < / li>
  • Optimize the player's training, offering him the tools to achieve the maximum development of his abilities.

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  • Do you have your values ​​, your goals , your methodology, your identity defined?

We help you establish your identity and train your coaches in:



    • Club Identity
      • Who We Are?
      • Where are we going?
    • Values ​​and Symbols
    • Methodological Paradigm
    • Game Model
      • Game Moments
      • Factors
        • Style
        • System
      • Model Premises.


    • Provide the club with its own specific identity.
    • Define who we are and where we are going.
    • Strengthen our symbols and values.
    • Generate tools to create a feeling of belonging to the club.
    • Develop your own model, defining a style and premises.
    • Establish a common paradigm and a common methodology for the whole club.

  • Do you need to establish a methodology?
  • Does your club have a defined model? < / li>
  • Do you want to update your coaches?
  • Do you have an objective or idea to develop?
  • Customized and Exclusive Training for your Club

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